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Background Check Specialist, Inc is committed to providing a superior industry leading support to its customers.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.



Consumer Disputes



1. What is a dispute?

A dispute is any challenge or claim that information on the completed background check report is inaccurate or incomplete. The disputed item can pertain to criminal searches or verification results


2. How do I dispute an item on my background check report?

Please, download the Consumer Dispute Form here and follow the instructions


3. How do I check on my investigation request?

You may contact our Client Services Team at 216-797-1213, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time to check on the status of your dispute. At the end of the investigation process, a representative from our Dispute Department will contact you regarding the results of your dispute.


4. How does the dispute process work?

We will reinvestigate your disputed information free of charge. Our procedure is to review the disputed information within 5 business days. If we determine that the inaccurate or incomplete information disputed is related to an action or omission on our part, within twenty business days of receipt of the notice of the dispute, Background Check Specialist will modify the item of information in your consumer report or delete the item from your consumer’s file.


5. What if I submit more than one dispute at the same time?

We will investigate all of the items in question during the same time period. At the end of the investigation, you and your potential employer will be notified of the results


6. Can someone else file a dispute on my behalf?

We strongly recommend that you file your own dispute. However, your attorney or potential employer may, with your authorization, file a dispute on your behalf. We will contact you directly if additional information is needed to initiate the investigation. If your dispute is submitted by your attorney, we will need you to provide us with a letter stating that you authorize us to discuss your dispute with your attorney.


Consumers Disputes

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