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BCS is glad to inform its customers, our dedication to obeying the privacy of the information collecting and distributing to customers.  Anytime, we will strict to adhere the privacy and security policies in the manner which we oversee and direct our business.


Information BCS Collects


BCS will refuse to collect a personal identifiable information from individuals using our website. We will get information from the public sources, such as courts, police departments, sheriffs’ offices, motor vehicle departments, Federal, State, and Local agencies. As always, we report accurate information because we rely on the public sources and they are the originators of the records we provide to you today. They maintain accurate recordAs always, we try to report an accurate information, however, bear in mind we solely rely on the public sources, hence they the originators of the records we provide to you. They maintain accurate records.


To Our Customers


BCS’ customers and its associates must undertake a prequalification process and demonstrate a legitimate business need for the information they want to obtain.


Information BCS can give out


Service yield from BCS’ public records consists of criminal records for individuals matching customer search criteria.  Search results can include court records from county, state, and federal courts.  Results can also include information from state sex-offender registries.  Customers are constrained to ordering reports for permissible business purposes only. BCS provides a service to verify prior employment and education as provided by job applicants to employers.


Information Protections


BCS keeps stringent standards on our collection, use, and giving of information. We wouldn’t provide our services to consumers or individuals.  Wouldn’t collect or accumulate information on particular persons or subjects.  Will accept providing information for the purpose to fulfill a legitimate request from businesses that have met the per-qualification standards.   We do provide reports to the customers who ordered the report, and use it for the particular purpose they ordered and obtain our information available through our online services from public sources or other public sources available.  BCS refuses to sell or provide access to information on its customers, the inquires they may make, or the individuals that they request information on, except as required by law.  We keep all transactions through our web site and systems confidential.


Legal compliance


BCS’ privacy and data security standards understand and follow legislative and regulatory requirements for consumer reporting agencies.  At BCS, we obeys with the state and federal guidelines and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  We keep and maintain an acceptable process that individual consumers may access and correct their information in accordance with legal requirements.  For additional information on your rights under the FCRA, please refer to the FTC’s web site at http://www.ftc.gov.



Our understanding is that the security of customer and consumer information is important, therefore we take it serious to protect it. After receiving personally identifying information, BCS keeps rational physical, electronic, and procedural protection to prevent unauthorized access, use, disclosure, loss, or destruction. We will limit access to those employees assisting us in providing the services you order. Same understanding goes to the third parties whom we disclose personally identifying information and to establish their own information security procedures whereby everyone saves.


How we protect social security numbers


As an obligation to what we do, BCS collects social security numbers to perform our duties. We put effort to protect confidentiality and security of the SSNs in our possession, custody or control by just limiting access, and keeping a strong protecting eyes against its loss, misuse or unlawful disclosure.



BCS uses session cookies to help in piloting our site


Adults may use this site.  BCS doesn’t and will not intentionally use its website to implore data or market to children under the age of 13.  


Association with other Internet sites


BCS may cohabit business relationship by linking partners’ sites to its site.  When we choose a site we choose responsibly, but not responsible the content, maintenance, or privacy policies of those sites.  Through the process of checking or whatever you are doing, once you click over to a third party site, please we say to you to check and read that site’s privacy policy.

BCS respects your privacy concerns


BCS’ privacy and security policies showcasing our obligations to individuals on whom we report information and to our customers that depend on us to protect the information they order.  If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy and security policies, please call us.


Personal information disclosure on oversees data access


The BCS doesn’t share information with third parties outside the continental USA. It’s our policy and best effective practice that we maintain. Therefore, the restricted exemption to this effect will be when the managing oversees search demands it, accompanied with the appropriate release and disclosure forms, signed by the data subject. This demand will process for the existing customers of the BCS that have a permissible purpose for accessing this information. The consumer data transfer outside the U.S. must have requirements complete. All oversees data transfers must obey compliance and requirements of the country from which the records is seeking.


If you have further questions on oversees data transfers, call or mail us in the following



25701 Lakeland Blvd Suite 401

Euclid, Ohio 44132

Toll free 1-888-350-2117

You will be notified when changes occur on our privacy policy by posting on the website.

Our Privacy Policy

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