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As a background screening and drug testing company,

we pledge to uphold the tenets of the professional standard

code of ethics as follows.


BCS will:





1. Perform professional duties in compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all international, federal, state and local laws as they pertain to the background checks and consumer reporting industries.



2. Protect confidential consumer identification information through all reasonable means available, including physical and network security systems and proper document storage and destruction procedures.



3. Avoid misrepresentations and adhere to accepted background checks industry standards regarding fair and accurate disclosure of products and services, as well as the scope and limitations of the information provided from those products.


4. Maintain background screening procedures and controls which direct and guide the process of providing accurate, relevant, reliable and complete information, without bias, for the purpose of formulating decisions including approval or denial of employment or tenancy.


5. Educate clients on their obligations under the FCRA and all applicable state and local background check laws.


6. Act with integrity, dignity, competence, and in an ethical manner at all times when dealing with fellow members of the organization.


7. Maintain an appropriate level of professional competence by the ongoing development of background check knowledge and skills. Pursue regular continuing education on all issues relevant to the background screening and consumer reporting industries.


8. Render background check services competently with integrity, fairness, and truthfulness, to instill a strong sense of trust and confidence among clients, peers and all members of the general public.


9. Avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest and advise all appropriate parties of potential conflicts.


10. Practice and encourage others to practice background check in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect positively on all members and the profession.





Code of Ethics

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