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Background Check Specialist, Inc., in Euclid, Ohio home based company. Founded in 2016. BCS is a premier provider of thorough and informative background check,  drug testing, and other services throughout the United States and beyond. BCS provides a superior cost-effective, efficient turn-around, and keeping an unmatched supreme level of customer service to meet and exceed customer’s needs and satisfaction in the following areas:


Federal background check, state criminal records, national criminal database, professional license verification, education verification, employment credit check, 7-year county criminal court records, driving records, sex offender list, and motor vehicle reports (MVR)


Drug testing, dot urine testing, non-dot, urine testing, alcohol testing, DNA testing, hair specimen testing, and saliva testing. 


Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE). We help you obtain a certificate of qualification for employment. For a misdemeanor conviction, seeking relief after six months of any incarceration, supervision, or other sanctions has ended. For felony conviction seekers relief, after one year of incarceration, any supervision and other sanctions end.


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