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Background Check Specialist, Inc. (BCS). A premier provider of thorough, and informative background check and drug testing service.  It provides service in other areas related to the industry.  The company operates both nationally and globally. BCS provides a superior cost-effective, efficient turn-around, and keeping an unmatched supreme level of customer service to meet and exceed customer’s needs and satisfaction in the following areas:
  • Drug testing

  • Dot urine testing

  • Non-dot urine testing

  • Alcohol testing

  • DNA testing

  • Hair specimen testing

  • Saliva testing.

  • Federal background check

  • State criminal records

  • Inked roll print card

  • National criminal database

  • Professional license verification

  • Education verification

  • Employment credit check

  • 7-year county criminal court records

  • Driving records 

  • Tenant records

  • Sex offender list

  • Motor vehicle reports (MVR).  

BCS provides fully custom-made plans

that mitigate risk, create efficiency and empower decision-making. The depth of our service remains a trademark and supreme by other competitors.

Running a background check enables you to achieve the following for your company:

Leave it to professionals to do

all the investigation and screening while you focus on the primary operations of your company! To inquire about our services, feel free to get in touch with us.

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